Experience the Beauty and Art of Detroit

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Corktown lately, you may have missed the walls of murals all along Michigan Avenue and unique installations and sculptures in North Corktown. The “North Corktown Pheasant” honors pheasants that are known to wander around the neighborhood when the weather gets warm. “Monumental Kitty” resides at the foot of the Cochrane pedestrian bridge. Fish Park is a pocket park that’s hosted by the “Trout Perch.” The residents of Cochrane came together to beautify the...

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Blossom By Blossom, Spring Begins

We’re excited to wish you “Happy Spring” and welcome you back for another edition of Elton Park Blog – your source for all the buzz in and around Elton Park Corktown. Spring is finally here to make our days brighter and warmer so you can step out into nature, browse a farmer’s market or discover the fun of Checker Alley Detroit Outdoors Detroit is not only a bustling urban area with a vibrant restaurant/shopping/sports/entertainment scene, it also offers some of the state’s most treasured...

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New Year, New You, New Elton

Happy New Year! Thank you for tuning in to another edition of Elton Park Blog – your source for all the buzz in and around Elton Park. As we begin the new year, many people will be participating in the New Year’s Resolution tradition and prioritizing their health and wellness; pledging to continue good practices and change undesired ones; and outlining personal goals. Why do people make changes around the New Year? The New Year is a natural time to make important changes. As people reflect on...

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Elton Buzz

HI. Welcome to Elton Park Corktown blog #1. Your connection with what’s going on around here-and some other fascinating stuff. Although we don’t have any great events to go to right now, we do have lots to see, do and discover. If you’d like to add a photo, thought--whatever---let us know by clicking here and you just might see it in blog #2. If you’re curious about this lady, she’s literally plastered, on a brick wall in the Belt alleyway outside Standby. Portuguese street artist Vhils put...

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Why Apartment Living is Better in Detroit

Perhaps you are searching for the perfect place to live. Or maybe you have recently been transferred by your job and are making Detroit your home. No matter the situation, there are vast benefits of apartment living versus buying a home. And renting at Elton Park Corktown, our historic apartments in Corktown, offers even more exciting options. Benefits of apartment living Whether you are single, coupled, have a roommate or have a family, there are a host of benefits that come along with...

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This isn’t a neighborhood you just pass through. You linger to take it all in and to connect with your surroundings.



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