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exterior view of Elton Park

If you’re curious about this lady, she’s literally plastered, on a brick wall in the Belt alleyway outside Standby. Portuguese street artist Vhils put her there.

Corktown Lowdown

You live in Detroit’s oldest neighborhood and you’re famous–listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Why’s it called Corktown?
In the 1840’s, the largest group of Detroit’s new immigrants were from Ireland, many from County Cork, so their neighborhood came to be known as “Corktown.”


Hollywood East

Cameras rolled and drones flew in Corktown from a friendly barbershop, barbecue landmark and unique boutique to a classic baseball scene at old Tiger Stadium in the Elton Park and Friends Video. The production ended –you guessed it–with the director saying “It’s a wrap.” See the video by Clicking Here.


Corktown fave Mudgies is our first eatery choice being a combo grocery, deli, (great soups, salads, sandwiches) and wine shoppe with a gr8 and friendly patio.
July becomes Lobster month which began as lobsta roll week in 2012and grew, now turning 2,000 pounds of lobster into 8,000 rolls a week!

Lost & Found

We found this vintage 1951 Checker Cab under a tarp in perfect condition in the parking deck of our new Checker apartments.

By George:

The Robertson is named after George Robertson, the first taxi driver in Detroit to paint black-and-white checkers on his cab.

Diversity Shines

In the Roaring 20’s Detroit was booming. A new banking group wanted a blockbuster headquarters so they hired architect Wirt C. Rowland to create a building like no other.

A full city block was actually ”busted” in 1929 to make way for the 40 story monument that is now one of the most significant Art Deco skyscrapers in the world.

Visitors are awestuck by the explosion of color, craft and mix of Native American, Aztec, and Arts & Crafts design. Forty artisans worked on its painted murals and ceilings, intricate tile, mosaics, stained glass and vaulted lobby. No expense was spared as seen in the lavish use of Marble from Italy, and Africa, brillantly colored Rookwood tiles and Monel metal.

Today, The Guardian building, a National Historic Landmark, is a tribute to those who believed in the success of Detroit and its many cultures. Nearly a century later, that idea still rings true.

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