Happy New Year! Thank you for tuning in to another edition of Elton Park Blog – your source for all the buzz in and around Elton Park. As we begin the new year, many people will be participating in the New Year’s Resolution tradition and prioritizing their health and wellness; pledging to continue good practices and change undesired ones; and outlining personal goals.

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Why do people make changes around the New Year?

The New Year is a natural time to make important changes. As people reflect on the past year, they can identify what went well and what did not, and the new year presents an opportunity to press the “reset” button.

Some of the more popular New Year’s Resolution picks have to do with improving personal health or taking up a new hobby or maybe even learning a new language, and often, people start out strong but have trouble maintaining enthusiasm as the year progresses. However, surrounding yourself in an environment with the right tools and resources can go a long way toward helping you make your New Year’s Resolution stick.

How can Corktown support me in my goals for the New Year?

Elton Park Corktown residents can rest assured that they will be supported in their New Year’s Resolution efforts by a plethora of easily accessible parks, bookstores, and cafés that support personal enrichment.

Whether it is prioritizing your physical health during a socially distant workout class at Clark Park; taking a mind-clearing stroll through Roosevelt Park and enjoying an excellent view of the Historic Michigan Central Train Station; or picking up some new reading material at the critically acclaimed John K. King’s Rare & Used Bookstore, Corktown has all the tools to help you stay committed to reaching your goals for the New Year! And with the everchanging Stay-at-Home guidelines, we anticipate even more resources like fitness studios, yoga centers and others, will be made available to help you take better care of yourself for 2021. Stay tuned!

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